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Saudi Pro League matchday 28: Al-Nasr restore leadership

Saudi Pro League matchweek 28

Two weeks before the end of the season, Al-Nasr restored the leadership of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League for Professionals, with a huge 5-0 win over Al-Fateh to reach 64 points, on the other hand Al-Hilal dropped second, with 63 points, after a 2-0 defeat to Al-Taween, in the concluding game of the 28th round, according to statistics. The places from the 3rd until the 8th did not change, Al-Shabab stayed 3rd with 53 points, with a 2-0 win over Al-Hazm, Al-Taween the fourth reached 52 points, after earning a 2-0 victory over Al-Hilal, while Al-Ahli beat Al-Wahda 3-2 to stay 5th with 49 points, Al-Faisaly beat AL-Fayhaa 4-3 to reach 43 points in the 6th spot, Al-Wahda stayed 7th with 39 points and in the 8th place Al-Fateh stayed with 35 points after suffering a 5-0 defeat to the leaders.

Al-Raed with 34 points, jumped 9th with a 5-1 win over Ohod, while Al-Ittifaq dropped 10th with 33 points after receiving a 2-0 loss to Al-Ittihad who jumped 11th on the table with 31 points, while Al-Hazm dropped 12th with 30 points. The last four places remained the same, as AL-Fayhaa kept the 13th place with 28 points, followed by Al-Qadsya the 14th with 27 points after suffering a 2-0 defeat to Al-Batin the 15th with 25 points, while Ohod the relegated team stayed 16th with 15 points. 652 goals were scored in 224 matches, as Al-Nasr have the best attack with 64 goals overcoming Al-Hilal with two goals, while Al-Shabab kept the best defense record with conceding only 22 goals and Ohod have the worst attack with scoring only 22 goals and receiving 57 goals.

Al-Nasr's Moroccan striker Abdel Razik Hamdalla reached 29 goals to overcame Al-Ahli's Omar Al-Somah record for the most goals scored in a season with 27 goals. Hamdalla stays atop goal scorers list, with 29 goals, followed by Al-Taween's Leandre Tawamba with 20 goals, while Al-Hilal's Bafetmbu Gomis came third with 19 goals, followed by Al-Ahli's Omar Al-Somah with 18 goals then his teammate Djaniny Tavares with 16 goals. Al-Raed's Saleh Al-Shehri leads the list of the best Saudi strikers in the league by reaching 14 goals, while Al-Ittihad's Fahd Al-Moled dropped second on the list with 11 goals.

Moroccan Nordin Amrabat from Al-Nasr is the player with most assists in the league with 10 goals, one goal ahead of his teammate Hamdalla while in the 3rd place with 7 assists stay Al-Ittihad's Fahd Al-Moled, Al-Hilal's duo Gomis and Arndrie Carillo and Al-Taween's Heldon Augsto. 51 games ended all square while the other 172 games ended with wins. 15 games only ended in goalless draws, while 209 games witnessed scoring 652 goals. Al-Fateh is the team with the most draws with 11 games, while Al-Qadsya with 3 ties is the team with the fewest draws. Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr failed to score in two matches, while Al-Taween and Al-Faisaly followed them on the list with failing to score in 3 matches only, then Al-Ahli with 4 games, Al-Ittihad and Al-Shabab with 7 games, Al-Ittifaq, Al-Raed and Al-Batin with 8 games, Al-Wahda and AL-Fayhaa with 10 games, Al-Fateh with 11 games, Al-Qadsya with 12 games and finally Ohod with 13 games. Al-Nasr is the team with the most clean sheets with 12 games, followed by Al-Fateh with 11 games, Al-Taween with 9 and Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli with 8 games.

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