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“Marketing Lab”...a new Marketing initiative in Agleague

New Marketing Lab at Agleague, UAE

The UAE Pro League held on the morning of Thursday, January 31st, the inaugural periodic meeting for the marketing lab. The meeting was chaired by UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani and attended by marketing managers at the professional clubs and representatives of the various UAE Pro League departments.

Al Hosani opened the meeting with a welcoming speech, then delivered a presentation about the “Marketing Lab” initiative launched by the UAE Pro League to develop the marketing aspects at clubs. The initiative aims to establish periodic workshops with the marketing officials to discuss challenges and opportunities for improvement as well as the proposed initiatives and projects to create the necessary plans for their success.

Al Hosani explained that the lab is meant to align efforts and enhance the centralization of projects in order to help deliver objectives, including increasing clubs’ revenue and supporting their marketing and promotional campaigns.

The meeting covered four topics; match schedules, promotion, fan engagement and commercial revenues. The four topics were extensively discussed by the attendees, starting with four-element analysis (SWOT), F&B services, e-store and online ticketing.

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