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“Merlin” promises more goals in the new season

Merlin Nike 2018/19

The Pro League Committee has revealed the official match ball for the 2018-19 season. The ball manufactured by US sportswear company, Nike, one of he PLC's official partners, carries the name "Merlin" and will don the Arabian Gulf League's red and black colours. The new ball boasts several technologically advanced features, introduced by Nike. "Merlin" promises more goals in the new season thanks to its unique design, with its fewer panels and subsequently fewer seams, offering the players more sweet-spots to shoot and pass more accurately. "Merlin" is revolutionised with the new All Conditions Control "ACC" technology which ensures optimal control under any weather and pitch conditions. The ball retained some of the distinctive features of previous Arabian Gulf League balls with easily identifiable colours printed in 3D ink, helping players identify the ball easily as it travels across the pitch and offering a better experience for TV viewers. "Merlin" is also set to be the official match ball for top European leagues for the 2018/19 season including the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga.

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