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Fans ignite the competition for Arabian Gulf League Awards

Arabian Gulf League Awards 2017-18

Fans of Arabian Gulf League teams and Emirati football aficionados are voting en mass at as the April 22nd deadline for voting on the Arabian Gulf League awards approaches.

As voting continues, competition has intensified between the nominees for the vote-based awards which include; the Golden Ball for Best Emirati Player, Golden Ball for Best Foreign Player, the Leader Award for Best Coach, the Golden Boy Award for Best Young Player, the Golden Glove Award for the Best Goalkeeper and the Fans' Player of the Year Award. Social media platforms have been the venue for a heated race between fans of the various Arabian Gulf League clubs as they competed for gathering as many votes as possible for their own players to top the polls, especially in the light of comparable performances at the top between the league's best players and coaches. Clubs made use of their own social media channels to organise campaigns to support their players nominated for the various categories, with designs and graphs explaining who is in the running for which award, as well as detailing the voting process, encouraging fans to continue voting until the last day. Teams with multiple nominees for the same category have driven their fans to focus on a single nominee and called on their supporters to vote for him, in order to boost his chances of winning the award, rather than spreading votes between competing players. Fans votes represent 10% of the overall points allocated to each nominee in all categories except the Fan's Player of the Year, in which fans vote counts for 100% of the result.

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