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Pro League Committee educates club employees in Sport Administration

Pro League Committee UAE course

The Sport Administration Course "C" organised by the Pro League Committee in collaboration with the UAE FA Academy commenced on Sunday the 12th of November at the UAE FA's headquarters in Dubai. The course continues through to Thursday with attendance from Arabian Gulf League clubs' employees and a number of PLC personnel.

The course is part of the PLC's series of specialised training courses aimed at developing the professional work ecosystem at clubs in addition to instilling the professional culture through education of club employees, raising their competency in various areas and helping them acquire the required knowledge and experience needed to fulfil their jobs in the optimum way.

Several topics were covered by the course, including; managerial concepts and practices, managerial leadership in sport organisations, professional sport games, community youth and sports, sport management and marketing, communication in sport, sport facilities and events management, finance and economics of sport industry as well as social aspects of sport.

The course is expected to help attendees form a better understanding about the role of a sport manager at the club and the surrounding working environment. Learners also acquire further knowledge about the specific jobs within sport management and get an exposure to managerial and leadership styles suitable for different situations.

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