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Pro League Committee concludes pre-season successful workshop

PLC pre-season workshop

The 2017-18 pre-season workshop organised by the Pro League Committee was concluded on Saturday the 26th of August. The workshop included lectures by experts Mark Blackbourne, FIFA, UEFA and English Premier League Match Delegate and Maximilian von Portatius, UEFA Venue Director, in addition to several papers by the various PLC work teams. Several new changes to PLC competitions' regulations for the new season were introduced during the workshop and which also saw new developmental initiatives and marketing projects unveiled by the PLC to develop the Arabian Gulf League in all areas. The three-day workshop saw great participation by match officials and professional clubs' representatives who had the opportunity to learn about the latest systems in match organisation and administration and explored successful global practices through the presentation delivered by the two UEFA experts as case studies from global leagues presented during the lectures were discussed throughout the workshop. Match officials (Match Commissioners, Media Officers and Access Control Officers) underwent a test in the final day of the workshop to measure the level of knowledge they gained from the workshop and the presentations about the latest changes to regulations. The test included match situations in addition to general questions about match organising. Acting CEO of the PLC, Waleed Al Hosani, thanked club representatives and match officials for their attendance and participation, hoping everyone benefitted from the workshop. Al Hosani emphasised the PLC's determination to continue organising this workshop annually to deliver knowledge and experience that enables participates to play their role in organising and managing matches in the optimum way. "At the PLC, we are delighted with the obvious engagement from clubs and match officials with the workshop", said Al Hosani, "I was pleased with the participants engagement and enthusiasm to discuss the presented topics, especially in organisational areas and the global leagues' case studies". "Through this workshop, the PLC aimed to deliver a detailed presentation about our new marketing plans and developmental initiatives so participating clubs and match officials get to know about those plans", elaborated Al Hosani, concluding, "The PLC sees all stakeholders as partners in successfully implementing these projects, which will only be successful if everyone comes together and work as a team to reach the aspired levels of success and progress".

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