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Pro League Committee's pre-season workshop continues with media and broadcast sessions

Pro League Committee pre-season workshops

The pre-season workshop organised by the PLC continued for the second day with four sessions. During the first session, dedicated for media and broadcast, the PLC revealed statistics about broadcast hours, viewership, commercial value of TV interviews, press conferences etc. Acting CEO of the PLC, Waleed Al Hosani paid tribute to everyone involved in the Arabian Gulf League matrix for their role in the success achieved last season in all areas to enhance the league's position as it ranked top of AFC domestic competitions twice during last season. Al Hosani vowed to continue working on developing the league, revealing a number of projects and developmental initiative aimed at raising the competition's commercial value. Al Hosani explained the new initiatives include further improvements to the TV broadcast and production operations, online ticket sale, organising matchday fan events in addition to developing media content and increasing fans engagement through social media. Director of Broadcast & TV Production Department at Pro League Committee, Ammar Hina, discussed the committee's plans to implement a number of initiatives on TV broadcasting which will be launched with the start of the new season, shedding a light on future plans regarding virtual broadcast in the next few seasons.

Pro League Committee pre-season workshops

Media and Social Communication Manager, Noura Aadel, delivered a presentation about last season's achievements. Praising the contribution of clubs in terms of organisation in media issues and in supporting the Year of Giving initiatives organised by the PLC. The club's cooperation contributed to an improvement in the delivery of media operations during matches and helped media outlets negotiate any obstacles they faced. On a related note, a developmental initiative was announced, whereby the club that delivers the most outstanding media content through their website and social media accounts will receive a nominal award. TV Broadcast officer Jamal Abdulnasser discussed TV production operations and the responsibilities of clubs' media officers, calling on everyone to collaborate and ensure preparations for broadcast are in place, coordinating with PLC officials and LIVE HD Production company. In the second session, experts Mark Blackbourne and Maximilian von Portatius showcased several case studies from international stadiums. Participants were divided into groups, each table formed a work team consisting of a match commissioner, entry commissioner, media coordinator and club representatives. Each work team were requested to find solutions to the presented situations. The workshop continues with a number of sessions covering the latest on marketing, accreditation, safety and security.

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