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Pro League Committee UAE organises pre-season workshop

The 2017-18 pre-season workshop organised by the Pro League Committee commences at 16:30on Thursday the 24th of August at Dubai's "Dusit Thani" hotel and continues for three days with participation of match officials and professional clubs' representatives. UEFA experts in various specialties lecture the attendees.

The annual PLC pre-season workshop aims to improve the Arabian Gulf League system in all areas. Participants will gain exposure to knowledge and expertise and learn about the latest developments in the fields of match organising and management. The workshop will also showcase some case studies from international stadiums in addition to some cases from local competitions to address negatives from last season in order to avoid them in the season ahead.

Pro League Committee pre-season workshop

The workshop is attended by club representatives from various departments involved in match organising and management, such as; general coordinators, stadium managers, security officers, marketing officers in addition to media and social media officers. During the workshop, participants will learn about the latest changes to match organising regulations and the criteria set by the PLC for the new season. Participants also get the opportunity to examine international experiences which will be showcased in the workshop.

Acting CEO of the PLC, Mr. Waleed Al Hosani explained that the PLC continued to organise this workshop at the start of every season with participation of clubs that are always keen to attend and benefit from expertise and knowledge offered by local and foreign experts, contributing to raising the level of organisation in Arabian Gulf League matches.

"The PLC is keen to stay up to date on developments in international football, and at the start of every season, the PLC organises a workshop, inviting a large number of international specialists", said Al Hosani, adding, "This workshop is an opportunity for match and club officials to understand the latest methods in match organisation and enables them to examine international experiences and use them to raise their own competencies which contributes to improving the Arabian Gulf League".

"During the workshop, the PLC will showcase a number of new initiatives it plans to implement in the new season, targeting the raising of competitions level, including online sales of match tickets, organising fan events, increasing fan engagement through social media and developing media content in addition to multiple projects associated with marketing and TV broadcast and other areas which we hope will develop the entire Arabian Gulf League environment to reach the levels we aspire".

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