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27th AFC Congress in Bahrain

AFC Congress Manama Bahrain

Manama: The four seats available to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) on the FIFA Council will be decided on Monday at the 27th AFC Congress 2017 in Manama, Bahrain. Three male candidates will stand for the three available places while four candidates will stand for the one female member seat.

The candidates for the three FIFA Council seats are:

  1. Zhang Jian (China PR)

  2. Chung Mong Gyu (Korea Republic)

  3. Mariano V. Araneta Jr. (Philippines)

The candidates who will contest the one female seat are:

  1. Moya Dodd (Australia)

  2. Mahfuza Akhter Kiron (Bangladesh)

  3. Han Un Gyong (DPR Korea)

  4. Susan Shalabi Molano (Palestine)

In accordance with the FIFA Governance Regulations, the elections will be monitored by members appointed by the FIFA Governance Committee. Mr Mukul Mudgal, Deputy Chairman of the Governance Committee, and fellow member Mr Ron Popper, have been appointed to ensure transparency and fairness.

The number of AFC Member Associations entitled to vote in both elections is 44. Kuwait Football Association is currently suspended, Northern Mariana Islands Football Association is an associate member association without the right to vote and the Football Association of Indonesia has not participated in the required number of two AFC’s competitions over a period of two consecutive years immediately prior to this Congress due to its earlier FIFA suspension.

As there are three male candidates for the three available positions, they will be elected by acclamation. For the female election, the number of votes needed in order to reach a simple majority is 23. The term of office for all the FIFA Council Members is from 2017 until 2019.

Four other elections will also be carried out. The Congress shall elect:

  1. the AFC Vice-President (East) for the remainder of the term 2015-2019;

  2. one (1) member for the vacant position on the AFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee for the remainder of the term 2015-2019;

  3. the Chairperson and Deputies of the independent AFC Entry Control Body for the term 2017-2019; and

  4. the new AFC Independent Head of Integrity for the term 2017-2021.

If the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, all elections, in accordance with Article 24.2 of the AFC Statutes, may be by acclamation.

The candidate for the AFC Vice President (East) is:

Mr Chung Mong Gyu (Korea Republic)

For live streaming of the AFC Congress 2017, please click here.



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