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Qatar Stars League launches Qatar Football Analytics Dashboard

In cooperation with the Aspire Academy and the Qatar Football Association, the Qatar Stars League participated in the launch of the Qatar Football Analytics Dashboard during a two day workshop held on the 12th and 13th of February at Aspire Academy. With the first day allocated for coaching staff whilst the the second day focused on players.

Qatar Stars League - Analytics Dashboard

The presentation was held in the presence of the Qatar National Team Head Coach Jorge Fossati along with a host of technical staff from all 14 QSL sides including first team coaches, assistants and football analysts. The presentation was demonstrated by Mr. Walter Di Salvo, the Director of the Aspire Academy Department of Performance Development & Football Science. The concept of the system will enable each coach to obtain key data and analytical information relating to individual player and opposition performance in addition to the analytical videos. The analytical data system will also serve players as a vital tool in managing their own performance, looking at key areas where they can improve their game. Whilst the system also enables team management to identify the positive and negative aspects of player performance, along with the appropriate means to find solutions. The new Football Analytics Dashboard again further highlights how the QSL is developing high-tech ways to further raise the football standard in the league.

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