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AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ logo revealed

Abu Dhabi: The official logo for the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 was launched in the capital Abu Dhabi on Monday.

With the new visual identity now unveiled, excitement is growing amongst fans across the continent and beyond as they follow their team’s road to the final tournament in January 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

Introduction of the UAE flag colours

AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 Logo

The colour palette consisting of black, green, red and white honours the UAE flag. The coloured ribbons are bound together to create seven hexagons, each hexagon symbolising one of the seven UAE Emirates that came together in harmony to form the spirit of the union 45 years ago.

Traditional pattern

An Islamic pattern brings regional culture and the local traditional craft of weaving to the heart of the logo identity. The dynamic logo was inspired by thousands of years of Islamic art which is represented and embodied through the pattern forming the core of the logo.

The interlacing hexagons signify the UAE’s cultural heritage of weaving – the old tradition of using Saf (palm leaves) to produce objects of beauty still seen today. The outer circle embraces geometric design creating a tribute to the great game of football that is set to unite the Asian continent in the UAE in two years’ time.

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