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Oman Football Association announced full National Team Staff Appointments

OFA’s Second Vice Chairman and National Teams In-Charge Jasim Al Shukaili today announced the support staff that will be working with coach Tim Veerbek from the beginning of his tenure.

“We chose them because we feel they are best qualified on the technical and management side. We considered everyone at a similar level and finalised these names on the basis of qualification, experience, added value and willingness to put in the work required towards making our National Team as successful as we want to be.” He said about the selection process as he announced the names.

The team surrounding Pim Veerbek is as follows:

Waleed Sa’adi and Muhanna Said - Assistant Coach

Ahmed Hadid and Maqbool Balushi – Team Manager

Chedli Mabrouki – GK Coach

Harry Brooke and Yaqoub AL Mahrooqi – Medical Team

Ricardo – Fitness Coach

Ahmed Al Owaisi – Kitman


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